Oct 19, 2023

Back using Dropbox

I’ve relied on iCloud for my file-syncing needs the past few years. It’s been good, snappy, and well integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

But, as my needs grow, I’ve experienced slow sync, and sometimes having to force downloads on new Macs. At one point it seemed as if data had been lost, which wasn’t the case, but still scary.

Shared folders were misbehaving as well, not updating with the correct name when my wife changed her last name, and not always syncing fast enough. Minor things all, but annoyances, and a tiny sense of something not being working correctly.

So we decided to look at Dropbox again. It served be well in the past, but when they decided to become more than a file-syncing service, I moved on.

Well, it turns out Dropbox has some nice features, and really snappy sync thus far. I really like the send a copy feature, works great for sending large files to clients, and branded at that. I’ve been using pCloud for that previously.

I’m not thrilled with all the features Dropbox are trying to push on me, but the ones I use work really well. It feels safe, for now.