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Jan 26, 2022

Does it fit my quarterly goals?

Here’s a thing I’m thinking about, regarding things my wayward brain wants me to do: Does it fit with my quarterly goals?

It’s such a simple question, isn’t it? And yet, as fellow creators and human beings will know, the brain sometimes can’t deal with the obvious.

Do you have too much to do? Launch that side-project.

There’s a deadline looming, and you’re stressed about it? Start writing something new.

The bank account is a little light? Man, I really need that new gadget — pre-order post-haste, it'll work itself out.

For me, the more stressed I am, the more ideas I get. It’s my brain’s way of procrastinating, I think. It used to be terrible, but luckily, I’ve gotten older, and slower, it would seem because I’m a bit more laid back in that department. A bit, mind you, there’s been ample of things popping up the past couple of weeks, which has been, as Bored Horse newsletter subscribers (and Switch to iPad readers) already know, pretty stressful.

The client needs this by next week. Sure, no problem, but also, let’s launch a new e-commerce project really quick.

Now, obviously I don’t fall into the trap of truly jumping at all these impulses and ideas. I discard, or put them away for later, and trudge on with whatever it is that I’m putting off, for whatever reason. I’m disciplined that way, it seems.

Publishing my quarterly goals has helped, this time around. I’m weighing everything against them, and has already decided to postpone two things, with a third hanging loose. This is good, this is one of the benefits of having clearly stated (and, dare I say, public) goals. If you’re like me, I urge you to try it.