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Mar 21, 2022

Last week’s linkage (week 11, 2022)

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🇷🇺 Marina Ovsyannikova is the Russian Channel One employee that did the live protest. I’ve read several stories about her, and yet I still see tweets and posts calling it fake. Not that I understand why it should or would be, what’s to gain from Putin’s side, but still, this is how tricky things are, now.

🗞 More than $4 million has been raised for independent media in Ukraine.

📓 Yevgenia Belorusets writes a diary from Kyiv. Strong stuff.

Beautiful and sad 👇🏻

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💥 Fascinating, and scary, essay on technology, and how it hasn’t destroyed the world (yet).

🌳 Ikea’s not showing their best side in this story, about logging in Romania. It’s a podcast, but there’s a written transcript too.

🏧 No more withdrawing cash at crypto-currency cash machines in the UK. Expect more on this, all over. The grace period is over, crypto bros.

🤬 EU and UK launch antitrust investigations into adtech dealings by Google and Meta (i.e., Facebook). No one’s surprised, right?

💿 CD sales rose in the US, for some reason. Physical sales, including vinyl, which is close to CDs in volume, isn’t more than 11% of music sales.

That’s some handiwork, right there (sorry not sorry)! 👇🏻

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🤠 Good guy Matt Mullenweg (creator of WordPress, among other things) spreads the weird web gospel in a lengthy interview.

🌼 Speaking of open source, here are some alternatives to software and services, if you want to go that route.

📰 Want to make it in journalism? Buy a local paper.

📧 Writing a newsletter? Here are 35 lessons from 35 years of publishing one. (Nope, not by me.)

📲 I published a bunch of things on Switch to iPad this week: My Slay the Spire review, the Substack app, and the iPad speaker newsletter issue springs to mind.

✍🏻 Cormac McCarthy, who rarely does interviews, has thoughts on writing. Readers of this very newsletter will remember that McCarthy has two novels coming out after summer. I’m stoked.

On that note… 👇🏻

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