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Feb 02, 2022

At least it’s not COVID-19

I’ve been out of commission this week. It started on Monday, my writing day, and I decided to take it a little easy. Unfortunately, that didn’t do the trick because a horrible night’s sleep had me with a sore throat, an almost absent voice, sniveling and feverish. How lovely, especially knowing that many people are getting COVID-19 currently, some closer to me than I’d prefer.

I’ve managed to stay clear of COVID-19 thus far, dodging it at every turn.

This, however, could’ve been it. I really don’t want to catch that bugger, knowing how bad it can get. And even if you don’t end up in intensive care, you can walk away from it with damaged taste and smell. I don’t think I can convey how horrible that thought is to me. My brother got that short end of the stick, making coffee not taste like coffee anymore. I love good things, it’s a big part of my life, and not being able to enjoy them, well, that’s an excellent reason to walk the extra mile trying not to get this shitty disease. As if you needed more reasons, come on.

But, lo and behold, it’s not covid.

"Covid negative"

Wash your hands, get your shots (I got my third almost two weeks ago), and keep your distance. It works, some of it, for other nasty things as well.

This cold because that’s what it is, is receding, I think. It came from the kid’s preschool, no doubt because that’s a particularly nasty petri dish, right there.

Now, I’m resting today, and will continue to do so until it’s passed. The trick is to not worry about all the things I had planned this week. Canceling meetings is one thing, but there are other things, crucial things, on my schedule too. Getting worked up about that won’t do me any good, though, so it’s video games for me. Being sick has its perks, as it were.