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Jan 19, 2022

A creative space

I’ve got this idea in my head that I just can’t get rid of, and that’s to get a creative space. Not just a place of work, where I set down my iPad or computer, hook up to a big screen, and design stuff, but rather, a creative space for all aspects. Or maybe, a creative space that’s not entirely tied to the agency work at Divide & Conquer, that’s more in line with what I’m after, I think.

You see, I’m weak. I don’t seem to be able to get any proper writing done at a desk at the office, in front of a screen used for developing or designing. I never have, not even back during the Odd Alice days, where I had my office within the office, with a reading nook and everything. I got a lot of reading done in there, but I didn’t write one single sentence of fiction. It’s silly, I know, but I just couldn’t.

(This is obviously bullshit, I can write anywhere, just like everyone else. What I’m talking about is the mental hurdles I have to jump to even get started. Moving on!)

I’ve got nice spaces for writing in the apartment (Stockholm), as well as in our house (in the country, about an hour from Stockholm), but occasionally, you need to get away. There are some other fun projects, ventures, and random silliness that just won’t fit today, either. Not at the office space we rent, and definitely not at home — there’s neither room nor opportunity.

Thus, I’ve had a hard time shaking the idea of a creative space. Luckily, my partner is awesome, and wants one too, so we’ve looked at two potential spaces in Stockholm today. The idea is to create a space that can be used for our agency work, but isn’t tailored to it in such a fashion that it feels like a typical office, as such. I’d rather see it as an extension of our living room, which is pretty close to most pandemic offices anyway, right?

I hope we’ll sign something soon. These things tend to take a couple of months, though, and then there’s the additional costs, obviously. I’m optimistic, and can’t wait to see what this creative space will be like. I’ll keep you posted, obviously.