Oct 17, 2023

I deleted X (Twitter)

I must admit, it feels weird. Ever since Jaiku went the Google way (i.e., bought and bucketed), Twitter was the short-form social blogging format for me.

Alas, while it was spiraling long before Elon Musk made kitchen sink jokes, the Tesla clown sure took it to town. It’s been a joke for quite some time, but while I wouldn’t condone anything, I did find that the algorithm managed to find interesting things for me.

Until it didn’t.

It’s all hate and crap now. And it’s not dealing with any of the wars (what the fuck, people?) particularly well.

I deleted the apps today. I might post links at times, but I doubt there’ll be any interaction, as it’s died down lately. And, at some point, it won’t even be worth the fifteen seconds it takes to post a tweet. Or an ex, fittingly.

Good riddance. Twitter ever was a pipe dream, struggling from the get-go. I did make some great, and probably life-long, friends there, though. Even ephemeral shitshows can bring something good, I guess.

PS. If you want to follow me, see TDH.me for where I'm actually at.