Dec 06, 2023

Giving a go

If you’ve been following my adventures looking for the perfect read-it-later app on Switch to iPad, you know I’ve touched on before. Something just did hit home back then, it might’ve been early in development, I can’t recall exactly. I passed it, and went on to other things.

The journey has been long. First there was Instapaper, then Pocket, then Instapaper again, then giving Safari’s Reading List a (short) go, then Pocket again for the longest time. After that it gets messy, I tried so many read-it-later apps, but the two I stuck with the longest are Upnext (friendly team) and Matter. Both come with a pretty hefty premium as a yearly subscription, which is fine because I use this kind of app a lot. However, neither is perfect.

Chris Lawley, of iPad youtubing fame (and also a great guy), mentioned in a recent video, so I figured I’d give it another go. The pricing is great, I’m still on the free tier, although should I end up staying I’ll pay for the sake of supporting the developers, if nothing else. It’s a generous free tier, I think, and most non-power users, if you excuse the term, can probably stay on free forever.

For now, what sets apart, except the name (naming things .io got old fast, didn’t it?), is the excellent share sheet, and the organization options. Note-taking seems solid, I’ll try to fit it into the workflow of my next newsletter.

Expect a follow-up on this as the testing continues.