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Apr 11, 2022

Last week’s linkage (week 14, 2022)

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📦 This old post surfaced a little while ago: A collection of old Swedish product packaging.

🌋 Drilling deep into the Earth’s crust to harness geothermal energy? Sure, why not.

🇷🇺 Who has Putin’s ear? That’s not entirely clear, even after reading this piece. Let’s hope someone sensible steps up soon.

🗓 I wrote about using the default Calendar app in this week’s issue of Switch to iPad. Then a reader reached out to me and told me of a feature that really should be more widely known.

🦃 Elon Musk is now the biggest owner of Twitter (who also owns Revue, the newsletter service I’m using for these letters), and immediately became a board member. He doesn’t intend to sit idly, it seems 👇🏻

(Embedded tweet, see here.)

I dread where this is going. At least there’ll be an edit button, for some.

💵 A former Block employee downloaded a bunch of data from the company’s Cash App product.

🙊 Mailchimp had a “security incident”, which is a weird way of acknowledging that 319 accounts were affected by people trying to get some sort of crypto scam going.

🗣 A guide to pronouncing names of global tech companies. Nicely done.

🧹 Does it matter how a vacuum cleaner looks? Sure it does, as long as it functions as intended, obviously. Anyway, this essay might start off with vacuum cleaners, but is really about millennial aesthetics in product design and marketing. It was an interesting read.

📲 Apple has announced WWDC 2022.

💝 Taking a slow approach to love, through casual dating (what a weird phrase), isn’t working, or so some claim. Either way, interesting essay for someone who’s been in relationships close to his whole life.

Let’s have Elijah Wood break the news of the new Monkey Island game, shall we? 👇🏻

(Embedded tweet, see here.)

(Another embedded tweet, see here.)

🇺🇦 There’s still a war in Ukraine. This issue is surprisingly free of reports from the war, which isn’t to say that it isn’t taking place. Please consider donating to one of the major relief organizations, like UNICEF or Save the Children.

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