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Apr 25, 2022

Last week’s linkage (week 16, 2022)

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🦃 Elon Musk can pay for Twitter, question is, will Twitter sell? Jeff Bezos bought Washington Post, Musk buys Twitter, it kind of makes sense. There’s no doubt in my mind that Twitter as a social platform would thrive under Musk, I’m just not sure if that’s a place anyone should want to be?

🔋 A bitcoin mine, courtesy of Block (i.e., Square’s owner) and Blockstream, in partnership with – you guessed it – Tesla. I don’t like where this is going.

🤮 Let’s get some metaverse stuff out of the way while we’re at it: Epic gets $2 billion in funding for metaverse efforts, courtesy of Sony and KIRKBi. They’ll use some of that money to build a metaverse… something… with LEGO. That kind of makes sense, actually. I’m sure there’ll be in-app purchases, but probably not with Meta’s enormous cut for their virtual items in Horizon (25% out of the 70% that’s on the table).

2️⃣ The metaverse is just Second Life, yet again. Right? Well, yeah, sort of. Wagner James Au, a former Second Life beat reporter (!), is the subject of this interview, which you should read because it makes a lot of sense.

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We need a cleanse. Let’s see what Snickers, the peanuty candy bar, is up to?

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What… I don’t even…

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Yeah, it’s been a week on Twitter, hasn’t it? 🐳

🛰 Hologram doctors, that’s now a thing (if you’re in space).

🪨 This ancient Namibian stone might hold the key to quantum computers. Thus starts my new novel…

👨‍🌾 Remember the Amiga 500? I do, fondly – here’s a mini-clone for you to waste your money on.

🎬 Bored with Wordle? Try guessing what movie it is from a single frame, instead.

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🛏 Get a motorized gaming bed, if sitting up properly is too much work for you.

🐣 Switch to iPad offers you my Easter trip iPad packing list, and the magic of Universal Control, among other things.

🔎 Privacy conscious search engine DuckDuckGo launches its own web browser, in beta for Mac as I’m writing this. There are apps for mobile platforms already, but this is a new approach.

🫳 Netlify Drop lets you publish a site by dropping its files onto a dropzone. Very cool, if you’re old school.

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🇸🇪🇫🇮 I never thought I’d see the day when Sweden and Finland would join NATO, but yeah, it might very well happen now…

🇺🇦 The final (?) note in Yevgenia Belorusets‘s diary from Kyiv. It’s still horrible and harrowing, and there’s still a war going on, so do consider donating to your favorite help organization.

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🛸 Solar eclipse on Mars.

💾 Joopyter is a DIY computer that could’ve been, thermal printer and all. Details, photos, and mockup ads through the link.

📺 A 4K restoration of the 1986 Super Mario Bros. anime, with English subtitles, because why not?

🕹 There are several Elder Scrolls (a video game series I love) fan projects out there. Here’s a wrap-up.

🦵 A naked HTML page.

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🇺🇦 There’s still a war in Ukraine. This issue is surprisingly free of reports from the war, which isn’t to say that it isn’t taking place. Please consider donating to one of the major relief organizations, like UNICEF or Save the Children.

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