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May 02, 2022

Last week’s linkage (week 17, 2022)

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🤦 Let’s get Elon Musk buying Twitter (a company that can’t count, it seems) out of the way first.

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🐦 So, he has secured funding through loans, and are selling Tesla stock to cover it. This could go either way, I’m no fan of Musk, as you’ve probably noticed. It’s not that he does horrible things (hit and miss, there), but rather that he seems like such a douchebag. I’m sure someone has done a recap of all the Hitler memes and calling people paedophiles for no reason other than disagreeing with him. But hey, “free speech” for billionaires is just another way of saying that they don’t want to be held accountable, so buying Twitter sure makes sense for him, I guess. The big question is if Jack “Block Head” Dorsey is in on it, he sure talks up Musk, which surprised me.

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👹 MrBeast, the famous youtuber, got a big profile over at Rolling Stone. It’s an interesting read, for sure. Such a weird life to live, though, right?

🪙 Elizabeth Lopatto went to a bitcoin conference, saw and heard scary things, and then fraternized with the NFT crowd. Bitcoin vs. crypto is a thing, it seems.

📠 Another day, another DIY chunky computer thing from an alternate universe. Introducing the Chonky Palmtop.

🎳 Nintendo Switch Sports is out. I’m looking forward to trying this one, I enjoyed Wii Sports a lot back in the day. Bowling FTW!

🎱 I reviewed a snooker game, and an outline app, over at Switch to iPad this week. The weekly newsletter was all about iPad screen sizes, for the umpteenth time.

🇰🇷 A floating city? Why not? This might happen in Busan, South Korea.

🫣 Remove yourself from Google.

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🇺🇦 There’s still a war in Ukraine. This issue is surprisingly free of reports from the war, which isn’t to say that it isn’t taking place. Please consider donating to one of the major relief organizations, like UNICEF or Save the Children.

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