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Jan 18, 2022

Last week’s linkage (week 2, 2022)

Every Friday (i.e., every Friday until now, which is two in a row) I send the Bored Horse newsletter. One section in said newsletter contains links to things I found interesting, things that are not, in fact, published on Bored Horse because it appears that there are other websites on the internet, too. Who could’ve known?!

Anyway, these are the links from last week’s newsletter.

🗣 Om Malik wonders if we can ever get over social media. It’s scary, because he might be on to something here.

7️⃣ Seven types of rest? I don’t know, and I usually don’t go for pieces like this, but there was something that resonate. Getting enough rest is hard, so maybe you can find something here that helps.

🎙 Matt Waller is seemingly the first person to build and release an app to the App Store using his iPad Pro and Swift Playgrounds. I did an interview with Matt over at Switch to iPad.

3️⃣ Web3 and crypto is almost as hyped as the metaverse, but the backlash is coming, and rightly so. Stephen Diehl nails it.

(This sparked a short discussion with @hievalir on Twitter, which I urge you to read. Valid points there, and things to consider.)

🤨 Speaking or crypto, Signal is allowing it now, and ecommerce platform Shopify lets you sell NFTs. To top it off, Norton Antivirus has a crypto miner now, although not activated by default, they say. All this is oh so bleak.

⌨️ A funky looking keyboard that lets you type faster, have we heard that one before? For sure, but this does look interesting.

Speaking of which, Matt Gemmell is on a keyboard optimization journey. (Embedded tweet in the newsletter.)

😶 Hit sensation Wordle (nope, not playing it) sparked a ton of clones on the various app stores, and Apple got a ton of flak for allowing it, obviously. Well, they’re (mostly) gone, so that’s good.

Except for this one, it seems, by Steven Cravotta. It’s not a clone, though, but a five year old game with the same name. Hell of a story, one of those dreaded Twitter 🧵s, I’m afraid. (Embedded tweet in the newsletter.)

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