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Jan 31, 2022

Last week’s linkage (week 4, 2022)

The Bored Horse newsletter goes out to subscribers on Fridays, free of charge. One section in said newsletter contains links to things I found interesting, things that are not, in fact, published on Bored Horse because it appears that there are other websites on the internet, too. Who could’ve known?!

Anyway, these are the links from last week’s newsletter.

🎥 Substack adds video to the mix, in beta. They’re moving even closer to being more about blogging, and less about newsletters.

🐦 The Verge thinks Twitter’s NFT avatar feature might make NFTs go mainstream. Want to troll the whole thing? Make your own soft-hex avatar, sans NFT and a Twitter Blue subscription.

🎮 Valve’s Steam Deck portable gaming PC starts shipping on February 25th. I pre-ordered, but since Valve couldn’t handle the interest, I don’t expect to see my unit until sometime this fall.

♻️ Remember Tumblr? It’s getting traction with the kids. It seems they like a chronological feed without presumptuous algorithms, go figure…

🧐 Former Signal SEO Moxie Marlinspike writes about web3, and it’s good.

🍎 Got any Apple devices? You should update them, post-haste.

✍🏻 Speaking of Apple devices, this week’s issue of Switch to iPad talks about why using iPads in meetings is better than a laptop. Paying subscribers only, but there’s a trial, if you’re into that jazz.

🤬 The Tennessee School Board bans graphic novel Maus due to strong language and nudity. Next up, Donald Duck for not wearing pants, and anything else that might be educational as to what the Nazis did. Disgraceful. Speak up, if you can.

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