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Feb 14, 2022

Last week’s linkage (week 6, 2022)

The Bored Horse newsletter goes out to subscribers on Fridays, free of charge. One section in said newsletter contains links to things I found interesting, things that are not, in fact, published on Bored Horse because it appears that there are other websites on the internet, too. Who could’ve known?!

Anyway, these are the links from last week’s newsletter.

🦞 You should pick up the fuck cancer bundle on Humble Bundle, 13 games for $10 (or more, do pay more, if you can), and all proceeds benefits the Swedish Cancer Society.

🕵️ Microsoft is taking the high road, and are adapting their app store approach before legislations force them to. It’s all because they want the Activision Blizzard deal to go through, obviously, but that doesn’t mean that this is a bad thing for consumers. This means more pressure on Apple and Google, then.

✈️ Speaking of app stores, I interviewed Jordan Singer about his alternative app store, called Airport.

🎵 Had enough with Spotify and that whole Joe Rogan podcast crap? Move elsewhere.

(I embedded a tweet with music streaming rates here.)

🦊 TaskFox is a calendar approach to to-dos. I’m intrigued.

🌨 Google Stadia, the cloud gaming platform, is now just a platform. I’m glad I didn’t buy into this when it was new. Everything still works, but this’ll end up another Google project that they hawk out the tech for, screwing over the early adopters.

⚠️ Update your iPad, but also your iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch.

🆙 There’s a rumor saying that Apple will release a new iPad Air model next month, alongside an upgraded iPhone SE. This is probably true, but when, if ever, should you upgrade? That’s what Switch to iPad #82 is all about.

🕸 If you’re going to complain about web browsers, do it right.

📚 A piece about banned books. What’s wrong with people, honestly?

Interlude 👇🏻

(An embedded tweet with a photo of a reclaimed castle. It’s nice.)

🙊 Signal finally lets you change numbers without wiping your conversation threads. I’m a fan of Signal in principle, but man, it’s a bit clunky at times. I mean, I couldn’t even get it to work on both my dumbphone and iPad when I did the dumbphone experiment.

🐠 Fish communicate with sound, and I’m just going to leave it at that.

🇰🇵 North Korea hacked him, so he hacked them so far back that their internet went down. But, in reality, it was probably China that hacked him, and the whole North Korean internet isn’t down, and things are just weird.

😵‍💫 These NFTs are only available if you’ve been blocked by certain people on Twitter. Funny, and sad that this exists at all.

(Embedded tweet where declares NFTs a scam.)

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