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Mar 18, 2022

On the past few weeks

I’m not really sure where to begin, looking back at the past couple of weeks. Anything I write or say will pale in comparison to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The war is affecting us all, in different ways, but none as much as the Ukrainian people. Complaining about too much work seems silly, then.

Things have been messy here, too. Work has spiralled out of control due to circumstances mostly out of our control, and yet, it’s something we’ve had to deal with. I’m clocking a ridiculous number of hours these past couple of weeks. It’s not good, but it’s getting there. I can see the end of the tunnel, and things are slowly becoming fun again. They sure weren’t two weeks from now.

And then, the atrocities of the world, on top of that.

I’ve made some hard decisions these past few days. That’s often the case for me, when I’ve got too much on my plate, my mind switches into overdrive. I have to force myself to not start something new, big or small, during these periods of time. I wasn’t always so insightful, so that’s a lesson learned the hard way. Anyway, I have made some hard choices, and I’m mostly happy about that. I can’t wait to start working towards the changes, as soon as this current crunch is over.

I dread looking at my quarterly goals later this month. Remember those? Five things I wanted to get done during Q1. I’ll be lucky if I manage one of them. It feels like a failure because it is, but I’m sure there are lessons to be learned. That’s for another post and time, though.

Personal life is good. Work might be too much currently, but that work-life balance is still intact. And we’ve got our new space in order, too. It’s not quite the creative space I want just yet, but that’s because I haven’t had time to take the necessary steps. It’s a great space, an extension of our living room, which is something I’ve talked about for the past fifteen years or so. We’re happy and energised by it.

That’s it, I think, for now. I have more to say, and things to share, but I really should get back to it. One could argue the benefits of writing a post like this, when work is piling up, but this, to me, felt meaningful. Hang on tight, and I’ll write you again soon, in whatever form you decide to follow my endeavours.